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The Christian Personalism of Dietrich von Hildebrand:
Exploring His Philosophy of Love

An International Conference Hosted by
The Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

Rome, Italy | May 27 - 29, 2010

Recorded Talks - Thursday, May 27
Watch recordings of the talks after they've been aired by clicking on the links below.

:00 John Henry Crosby & Fr. Luis Romera
Welcome speech and opening reflections

:30 Josef Seifert
Dietrich von Hildebrand on Benevolence in Love and Friendship - a Masterful Contribution to the Perennial Philosophy

:30 Michael Waldstein
Re-Reading St. Thomas with Dietrich von Hildebrand: Value and the Transcendence of Nature

:50 Rocco Buttiglione
The Philosophy of Love in Dietrich von Hildebrand and Joseph Ratzinger

:15 His Eminence John Zizioulas,
Metropolitan of Pergamon

An Ontology of Love: A Patristic Reading of Dietrich von Hildebrand's "The Nature of Love"


About the Conference

The Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project is now convening an international conference in Rome for the purpose of initiating the critical reception of Dietrich von Hildebrand's great work, The Nature of Love, published in 2009 for the first time in English translation.

We entitle our conference, The Christian Personalism of Dietrich von Hildebrand: Exploring His Philosophy of Love, because we want our study of his treatise on love to stand in the service of what he once called "the struggle for the person." We want our discussions about love to lead us back to questions about the dignity and destiny of the human person, and especially about the capacity of the human person to encounter the other by making a gift of self to the other. We are organizing the conference on the assumption that one cannot make sense of the human person apart from his or her capacity for loving and being loved.

Plenary Speakers

   • Roberta Green Ahmanson

   • Rocco Buttiglione

   • John F. Crosby

   • Hanna-Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz

   • Alice von Hildebrand

   • Charles Morerod OP

   • Michael Novak

   • Josef Seifert

   • Michael Waldstein

   • Robert Spaemann

   • Metropolitan John D. Zizioulas

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