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Audio/Video Archives :: Conferences :: Christian Personalism and Hildebrand's Philosophy of Love
Thursday, May 27th

08:30  Registration

09:00  Opening Remarks
John Henry Crosby,
Hildebrand Project Director

Rev. Luis Romera,
University Rector

09:30  Plenary Session 1
Josef Seifert
Dietrich von Hildebrand on Benevolence in Love and Friendship
—a Masterful Contribution to the Perennial Philosophy

10:30  Plenary Session 2
Michael Waldstein
Re-Reading St. Thomas with Dietrich von Hildebrand:
Value and the Transcendence of Nature

11:20     Coffee Break

11:50  Plenary Session 3
Rocco Buttiglione
The Philosophy of Love in Dietrich von Hildebrand and Joseph Ratzinger

12:45  Lunch Break

15:00  Afternoon Session
Submitted Papers

17:15  Plenary Session 4
His Eminence John Zizioulas,
Metropolitan of Pergamon

An Ontology of Love: A Patristic Reading of Dietrich von Hildebrand’s “The Nature of Love”